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We experienced many aerosol products project from almost all over the world. With more than 10 professional chemist work for our research center, we have capability of providing cost-effective formulations to our customers. These chemists are dive into aerosol field for over 30 years, they know much more than just every single chemical material, but in-depth knowledge of aerosol spray and dispensing characteristics.

We have been go abroad to help our customers to production their products, from formula adjusting to aerosol filling process. Once they master these knowledge, they become a professional contractor of themselves in their own aerosol products field. Anytime, we have a close connection with our customers. We never ignore our customer’s requirements.

Among these aerosol products field, we especially specialized in PU foam sprayer products, aerosol pesticide products, perfume spray products, aerosol spray paint products, auto car care aerosol products, household products, personal care products etc.

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